Leiko Ikemura - »awoken in silvergold«


Together with Leiko Ikemura, the studio Georg Hornemann developed a shape that literally ties together the artist's world of motifs with the craftsmanship and materials of the goldsmith's studio. Based on Japanese handicrafts, a “hidden secret” was created.

The upper part of the sculpture was made of solid silver and corresponds to the design of a clay sculpture by Ikemura. It shows a lying figure, with openings in the surface that allow insights into its unworked interior. The figure is embedded on a gold plate and a fine gold inlay, the outlines of which correspond to those of the sculpture. ​This “bed” is a secret. Because viewed from the outside, it is a delicate, elaborately crafted sculpture. Only a look through the opening reveals the second, precious work level and reveals what was previously hidden. Inside and outside appear like two worlds that now merge in the reflections of the polished interior of the Art Collaboration. Above and below, inside and outside nestle together and become a common cosmos.