Georg Hornemann is born in Dessau (former East Germany). 


After training as a goldsmith he flees to West Germany. He spends his first years as an apprentice in Essen before moving to Düsseldorf.
He marries in 1962


Work as a goldsmith and designer for the company Weyersberg in Düsseldorf


Alexander Hornemann is born in Düsseldorf


Master’s exam for goldsmith craftwork


First international award, the “Prix de la Ville de Genève”


First “Diamonds-International Award” in New York


First designs with coloured stone surfaces
Volume and colour play an important role


Second “Diamonds-International Award” in San Francisco
Is awarded the “Jewel of the Year”, first example of modernity in Op Art


Opens his first workshop


First designs for the jewellery and clock-and-watch making industry


Awards in international design competitions for decorative watches and jewellery


Designs characterised by non-decorative materials, such as classical coins, Byzantine crosses, Russian icons and Japanese sword parts


Third “Diamonds-International Award” in Venice is admitted to the “Diamonds-International Academy” in New York


Beginning of the collaboration between Georg and Alexander Hornemann.
Opens workshop at Königsallee 82, Düsseldorf 
Georg Hornemann is the only person to date to receive the platinum guild international award for excellent jewellery design 


Alexander Hornemann receives an award at the “Diamanten Heute” (Diamonds Today) competition.


Silver and iron objects


Alexander Hornemann wins the “diamonds-international award” in Paris Showroom moves to Königsallee 46 in Düsseldorf
The first bel objet walking sticks in collaboration with Markus Lüpertz are developed


First stylised flower ring: The iridescent sparkle of the arrangement of small gem stones adds a deceptive lightness and life to these works


Design of the "bel objets " walkingsticks with animalthemes for his friend and artist Markus Lüpertz .


Cooperation with the agency BOROS from Wuppertal about design of advertising materials.


Ring sculptures: intelligent constructions representing bodies in space


Interior objects: Big chandelier with rock crystal, iron and silver bowls and various table objects are realized.


Design of large flora, fauna and brooches.


Publication and presentation of the book about Georg Hornemann (Dumont) at the contemporary art museum K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf

"Glam-Punk" is a new series of experimental designs for bracelets being made of acrylic glass refined with platinum, diamonds and sapphires


Design and donation of the „Fair Play Trophy“ as part of the Tennis World Team Cup in Dusseldorf.


The website www.georghornemann.de, designed by the agency Boros, wins the Art Directors Club Award as the best designed website. 
Jewellery retrospective at gallery Jamileh Weber in Zurich.
Hornemann is the first goldsmith to design a jewelry collection specifically for pret-à-porter summer collection 2005 for the luxury label AKRIS shown at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris.
Creation of the "flower objects" mainly in the form of large floral rings


Sponsor of the Berlin Film Festival (production of the Berlinale Kamera)


With glossy, grafic and large yellow gold jewelry Hornemann sets again a new trend. Development of the ball bracelets, long yellow gold earrings and long grafic gold chains.
Development of jewels and objects with animal motifs (owls, lions, dragons etc.)


Development of jewels and objects with animal motifs (owls, lions, dragons etc.)


Publication and Presentation of the book CREATURES by DISTANZ at the contemporary art museum K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf

So called "art objects" are being developed more frequently as well as large-sized bowls made of bronze , silver, iron and gold.


Publication and Presentation of the book OBJECTS by Walther König at gallery Schönewald Fine Arts in Düsseldorf


Art objects in collaboration with Belgian contemporary artist Kris Martin Presentation at White Cube Gallery, London

First participation at “Cologne Fine Art & Antiques” fair with a show named “Creatures” curated by German collector Thomas Olbricht


Art objects “Mae West” in collaboration with American contemporary artist/ sculptor Rita McBride. Presentation at the FIAC Paris at gallery Mai 36
Second participation at “Cologne Fine Art & Antiques” fair with selected art pieces from the Olbricht-Collection (Wunderkammer)


First museum solo show at the Lehmbruck Museum in Duisburg, Germany showing “objets d’art” with sculptures and objects
Third participation at “Cologne Fine Art & Antiques” fair in collaboration with contemporary Austrian artist Melanie Swarovski


Georg and Alexander Hornemann are invited to curate the widely acclaimed jewellery collection of the Museum für Angewandte Kunst MAKK (Museum for applied arts and design) in Cologne. The focus of the exhibition is to put ancient jewellery (pieces from over the last 5000 years) in dialog with jewellery pieces by Georg Hornemann. Exhibition title: boys get skulls, girls get butterflies.


Art exhibition of works and sculptures by Georg Hornemann at “Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur e.V. Bonn curated by Professor Markus Lüpertz.

Georg and Alexander Hornemann are invited to participate at a group exhibition “Kunstherbst Hamburg” at Gallery Moeller Fine Art, Hamburg showing objects and jewellery.
Art collaborations with Rita McBride, Kris Martin and Barzon Brock are on display at the me-collection of Thomas Olbricht.


Art and jewellery exhibition “Studio Universale” at the concept store Andreas Murkudis (andreasmurkudis.com) in Berlin from May 1st till June 10th.


Munich Highlighs - participation at the art and antiques fair presenting selected objects and jewellery.

Opening of the new showroom in Düsseldorf, Königsallee 12

Opening of the new showroom in Berlin, Schlüterstrasse 45


Art Geneve - fair presentation on invitation by the art gallery Mai36 showing objects by Georg Hornemann in dialogue with works by Robert Mapplethorpe.

Exhibition "obsessed with beauty" showing objects by Georg Hornemann in dialogue with works by Robert Mapplethorpe at Georg Hornemann on Beletage Schlüterstrasse 45, Berlin. 

Collaboration with fashion label 224_hommes_femmes for a new brooch-collection and presentation at DER BERLINER MODESALON, Berlin. 

Art collaboration with Thomas Grünfeld and presentation of the ring at the Beletage showroom of Georg Hornemann in Berlin. 

Art Collaboration with Sissel Tolaas and presentation at ART DÜSSELDORF 2017. 

Georg Hornemann is awarded price by the Cologne Fine Art including an exhibition at the art fair.