Dimitrios Antonitsis - »Lariat Fibonacci Fisherman«

Dimitrios Antonitsis’ artwork is known for its provocative undertone and its critically glamorous quality. He criticizes social conventions of decorum, consumption, and luxury, while focusing on the aesthetical statement of the work itself. LUXURIATING FORM explores the concept of the organic and the resilient, in different scales of physical space: sculptural jewelry and public sculpture. Antonitsis' collection of objects makes reference to the economic crisis as a chance for introspection and evolution. His preferred material, an alloy of aluminum and titanium, reflects perfectly his idiosyncratic affinity to high and low culture. Specifically, his jewelry objects flaunt precious baroque pearls on metallic blobs which are "quirky investigations of (sub)consciousness " (to quote the artist). The pearls serve as an allegory of graceful resistance against an irritant causing pain and distress. He remystifies shape in ecstatic embraces of the precious and common. Even his large format sculptures have a second reading: they go beyond the comfort of cognition, and treat form as an object of desire and a vehicle for prestige. Antonitsis' game is to frame the system of values and its cynical duplicity. With witty irony his objects focus less on commodity than emotional politics of luxury and comfort. In doing so, the readymade, according to Duchamp, is reversed, and the form gains the aura of a fetish.